TE 541 3D FVZ

– FVZ = for recessed frame facings up to 14,0 mm
– preserves all the technical and visual features of the TECTUS hinge system
– lying completely concealed
– for timber, steel and aluminium frames
– for unrebated heavy-duty doors
– maintenance-free slide bearing technology
– comfortable 3D adjustment

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The new model variant TE 541 3D FVZ of the product brand TECTUS enables a flush installation of unrebated residential and heavy-duty doors with timber, steel and aluminium frames. With theTECTUS FVZ having the frame part located recessed to the door part, it is possible to integrate a door with a completely concealed hinge in the wall surroundings without seeing the frame. The frame facing can be recessed by up to 14 mm and thus offers even more architectural possibilities for a straight-lined interior design. Opticallythese hinges present a harmonious, flush unit of door and wall elements. Technically this version has the same amenities as the existing model variants of the product brand TECTUS.

overall length

185,0 mm

width (door)

28,0/32,0 mm

width (frame)

28,0/33,0 mm