Double cylinder no. 810 SP

Brass, satin nickel plated
Basic length: 27.5/27.5 mm
3 nickel silver keys

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SP is a patent protected conventional key section series for industrial building
applications. It has 5 or 6 nickel silver pin tumblers on each locking side. At least one housing pin and one core pin per cylinder side are made of hardened nickelplated steel.

Other features include:
Antipicking feature pursuant to DIN 18252 with specially designed housing pins for effective protection against picking tools.
Long-term protection against unauthorized key duplication.
3 strong nickel silver keys conforming to DIN standard, with at least 11.5 mm long key shanks, suitable for commercial armatures with cylinder covering.
A guiding groove over the entire cylinder core to ensure positive transfer of the key torque and prevent breaking-off of the key.


Brass, satin nickel plated

Basic Length

27.5/27.5 mm


3 nickel silver keys